How to Get a Custom-Built Walk-in Closet in Vaughan

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If you’re planning to renovate your walk-in closet in Vaughan, Ontario, speak to a professional home organizer to ensure that you get the most out of your space.

First Steps Toward Custom Closet Organizers

The first step toward finding the right closet solutions in Vaughan is to understand what you need. Make a list of features you’d like to see in your closet and another list of what frustrates you about your current closet set-up. If you have an awesome collection of shoes or need somewhere to hang ties, make a note. Do you like to switch handbags to match your outfit? If so, a storage island may fit the bill for your storage needs, since you can drop your daily necessities on the top each night for easy retrieval in the morning.
Next, do some research on customized walk-in closets. Look for experienced designers, manufacturers, and installers. In fact, look for one company that does all three for a streamlined process, and to ensure that you are dealing with experts who understand every step involved in creating custom pieces for your dream walk-in closet.
As you narrow down your search for the right company to remodel your closet, remember to read online reviews and customer testimonials. Also check to see if the company has a gallery of finished walk-in closets, closet organizers, custom cabinetry, and any other completed work that can show you the detail and quality you can expect.

Consultation and Work

Your first meeting should be a free in-home consultation so your designer can find out what you want and what the space will allow. Measurements will be taken and the space assessed so the consultant can begin to envision your custom design closet.
The next step is sifting through the material options. You’ll be guided through the benefits of each type of material, choosing the right high-quality materials to suit both your taste and budget. It’s a good idea to look for a home organizer that works with a variety of materials. For example, The Home Organizers offer solid wood, M.D.F., veneers, Italian textures, high gloss, laminates, and melamine options, working with you to find the right look at the right price. If you’re interested in a high-end closet system but don’t have the budget for it, you may be able to choose a mix of materials, with more expensive options showing externally but more budget-friendly materials being used inside the system.
The planning stage is also the fun part where you get to decide the types of closet organizers that you’d like in your built-in closet system in Vaughan. You can choose items like a fold-out laundry hamper, shoe or purse organizers, tie and belt racks, a storage island, custom lighting, or unique hardware.
Make it easier on yourself by looking for a company that offers 3D-rendered designs. That means you’ll be able to see an accurate image of how your closet will look when the project is finished, instead of puzzling over a sketch and running into surprises later.
Whether your custom-designed closet includes a built-in closet organizer or a sea of storage islands, it’s important to choose experienced professionals who can guide your through the renovation. Soon, you’ll have a walk-in closet built to your specifications that can increase the value of your Vaughan home.

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